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Welcome to A & A Equestrian!

Hopefully you're here because you like to have as much fun with horses as we do!

A & A Equestrian aims to provide horses and their owners a safe, supportive, and fun environment in which to learn and improve. Whether you are new to horses and want to learn to ride and be a good horseman or horsewoman, or you are a seasoned competitor, they support your goals.

Agapito and Adrianna come from varied backgrounds of equestrian activities and enjoy introducing people to many different horse-sports. You may arrive to see Adrianna jumping, Agapito doing dressage, or both of them riding a horse to move the cows. Between them, they have competed in Dressage, Eventing, Hunter/Jumper, Roping, Working Cow, Sorting, Gymkhana and Western Pleasure competitions. Using a combination of arena work inside and outside, jumping exercises and/or heading out on the trail, their horses AND students are exposed to many different things. A horse and rider who have a broad base, make a successful pair, whatever they choose to do.

A & A Equestrian also hosts schooling shows as a fun, low-pressure introduction to showing. Clinics in a variety of disciplines are always upcoming, so be sure to check the calendar for the latest exciting event! If you are more interested in riding for pleasure, be sure to check out the miles of beautiful trails or try a lesson in something new. If you have an idea for an event, contact Adrianna... new ideas are always welcome!

So, whether you want to win your next competition, learn to canter your horse, practice with the cows or head out on the trail, we have something for you! Packages for lessons and trailering-in make participation very affordable and lessons, training, and boarding are available. A & A Equestrian offers over 25 years of experience riding, training and managing horses. They want to share their love of horses with you! Call today to find out all we have to offer!

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