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Hey everyone! Agapito was recently interviewed/filmed for a national piece on the history of the vaquero. It is in spanish, but very cool to watch.

El Vaquero Parte 1 KMEX 34 (Univision) from Andres Pruna on Vimeo.

El Vaquero Parte 2 KMEX 34 (Univision) from Andres Pruna on Vimeo.

Photo Montage of A&A Equestrian featured on Central Coast News KCOY 12 | FOX 11

He also did a demonstration for the Santa Ynez Valley Therapeutic Riding Center on the day of their Rider's Round-Up. Monet also performed with him. Here are the links to the demo Agapito did with Monet.

On Quanah:

With Monet:

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